Install BerkeleyDB 4.8 On Debain 8 (Jessie)

(Last Updated On: 16 September 2016)


This short tutorial shows you how to install Oracle BerkeleyDB on Debain Linux Server. The process is very simple. For this tutorial, I’ll be installing BerkeleyDB version 4.8.  Your configuration may be different from mine but the installation steps below should work fine for most configurations with little or no change at all (including other Linux distributions and even unixes e.g. MacOS x). 


According to,

“Oracle Berkeley DB is the industry-leading open source, embeddable database engine that provides developers with fast, reliable, local persistence with zero administration. Oracle Berkeley DB is a library that links directly into your application. Your application makes simple function calls, rather than sending messages to a remote server, eliminating the performance penalty of client-server architectures. Oracle Berkeley DB eliminates the overhead of SQL query processing, enabling applications with predictable access patterns to run faster.”

Lets start

Update & upgrade repositories and install build tools

Debian repository doesn’t contains libdb4.8. So need to get sources and compile it manually. 

Get db4.8 source, compile and install:

Tell your system where to find db4.8








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