Using lftp to synchronize folders with a FTP account

(Last Updated On: 2 January 2016)

If you’ve been using linux for a while you have probably used SCP or RSYNC to transfer files between two linux servers. These methods work very well, but what if the other server doesn’t support RSYNC or SCP? Or maybe you just like using FTP or want to create a script to do automatic uploads? LFTP was my choice because it displays a nice progress bar with transfer rate.

LFTP Single FileLFTP is great to use to transfer just one file or an entire directory structure. I recently used this to transfer a file from one server to another but because of the file size using the standard FTP hash created an endless SSH terminal of hash marks…I wanted something simple that would show a progress bar and transfer rate, in comes LFTP.


To Be Continued…


For more information visit the LFTP website: lftp-man-page


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